What is SubhashBose.com?
  SubhashBose.com is the website whose owner is Subhash Bose. This site in not primarily a public site, but the Sites (subdomains) under SubhashBose.com are all public sites, some of which you may find useful.

Who owns SubhashBose.com and it's network sites?
  The owner is me, I am Subhash Bose, I have designed SubhashBose.com and all the network sites listed. All the sites listed are completely owned by me except those are specified separately.

Legal Liabilities
  SubhashBose.com and it's network sites has no collaboration or attachment with any other site or organization (unless specified). Most of the sites are designed such that it involves visitor's/member's participation. So, it is not possible to verify every submitted information /data, Owner or the Administrator(s) will have no liability for the contents submitted by the members and shall not be responsible for any illegal, abusive and offensive materials in the site. If any such thing is reported or brought into notice, then we will try to removed that particular data/material at the soonest and necessary steps would be taken against it. To report please mail at [email protected].