This is the index of network sites. All the network sites under are listed below. The sites are listed in descending order of publishing date, newest site is at the top whereas oldest one at the bottom. is website dedicated to astronomy and related stuff. In this website, you will find information on my research as a professional astrophysicist. You will also find various software, online tools, data reduction pipelines, and python packages I made to use for my work, and those are free to use or download. HackNTrick is a website where I plan to put information on various nifty hacks and tricks related to computer hardware, software, internet, programming languages, and operating systems.
Please note that currently there are very few entries on the website. I plan to add more in the future. is my personal online photo and media Album, here I upload photos taken by me with my own camera. The photos and contents of this site are somewhat personal since they are related to the world around me and hence they are not for all the netizens out there. However anyone who knows me as an individual other than as the owner of are very much welcome to this site to browse my photos. This site is not meant for attracting visitors, rather it will continue to be my personal web photo album.

WordAxis WordAxis is a online word searching program. It is meant to be a helping tool for different types of word games and puzzles like Scrabble®, Jumble®, Upwords®, Wordscraper® and other similar games. With different search tools of WordAxis you can search words by different word patterns and forms. WordAxis has tools for crossword solving and simple & advanced anagram solving.

iTools At iTools you will find variety of web-based tools and application for your need. This site is aimed to make your work lot easier using these tools without the hassle of installing any software in your system. We constantly work on improving and adding new features to these tools. These programs are frequently updated to keep them bug free and more convenient to use.
programming This site is dedicated to programming and different kind of programming languages. Here you will find different programming utilities and some software written by me. You may also find tutorials and other type of programming help. [not maintained]

SB Hosting
SB Hosting SB Hostings is a reliable webhosting site, here we provide free or premium webhosting. This is a free post-to-host(no-ads) site and is only meant for those who are serious about hosting their site. There are diffrent hosting plans which you can choose according to your needs. On signup you will receive:
  • 10 MB to 2GB space
  • 1 to 20 GB of bandwidth
  • Linux based server
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • cPanel
  • all cPanel features
  • Good customer Support
  • and lots more [Defunct]

Hostworld Hostworld is free web hosting site. Here you can signup for a free webhosting and you can build your own website on the webspace we will provide.
You will get these while you signup:
  • 300 Mb of disk space
  • 6 GB Bandwidth
  • Linux based server
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • and lots more
This is Ad-supported, so a small Ad banner will be placed on the bottom of the site.

Please note: Our liability to this webhosting is very limited, we do not completely own this webhosting. So, we don't assure you about the reliabilty of this hosting. If you want a reliable webhosting then go to our other webhosting site, [Defunct] This is not a public site. It is a small site which is dedicated only for the general information about server status of the network sites. In case of any site's failure, the status information and updates about the particular site can be found here, it can also serve as a platform for contacting the administrator in case of emergency server failures. [Defunct] This is a WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) site built for Mobile surfing. Since this is a WAP site and written in WML language, this site can not be viewed by regular web browser on your PC. To view the site you must visit the site from your mobile WAP/WEB browser.
In this site you may find download for mobile Ringtones and Wallpapers. There is also a feature by which you can transfer any file from your computer to your mobile. For accessing any downlods you must register in the site. For more details please visit the site from your mobile. [Defunct]

SMS Planet
SMS Planet SMS Planet is a site dedicated for mobile SMSs, here you may find SMS for every mood and occasion. It has a huge collection on SMS. The SMSs are categorized according to their types, like Friendship SMS, Love/Romantic SMS, Fun/Joke SMS, Hindi, Bengali SMS, New Year, Christmas and lots more. [not maintained]

Friends4ever Friends4ever - A Community of Trusted Friends. This is a small community site, here members can register themselves and participate in the discussion on various topics in the community.
This site can also be reached through: [not maintained]